Yann Trévelot

Yann is Creative Director and Founder of Vertex3D, an agency based in HongKong specialized in Marketing and Design.

Yann was previously Art Director in Schlumberger, he has played a central role on enhancing the visibility of Schlumberger worldwide by re-branding the entire software segment and developing the brand awareness. He also supervised and designed various booths for worldwide events while designing promotional materials.

As UX/UI Expert, Yann Trévelot oversaw the design and User eXperience of the new generation of Schlumberger Software. He received 2 Awards of Excellence for his work. He also helped Schlumberger to stay up-to-date with UX trend and knowledge by creating UX teams and design studios.

During the year 2017, Yann has been recognized as a Senior member of Schlumberger for his dedication and technical skills.

In 2020, Yann Trévelot has been selected to be jury of the Red Star Design award, the biggest and most recognized Design contest in China, also one of the top 5 in the world.

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