DrillPlan UI/UX
I have been transfered to Beijing, China, to lead the UI/UX for the next software generation of Schlumberger.

DrillPlan (under development) is the most innovative web software of the company and it's meant to lead the future of the Oil Industry.
During 3 years, I created every single workflows, collaborated with experts and designed every interface. I created and supervized a team of 5 designers, and collaborated with more than 200 developers around the globe.

Also, I own a US Patent for creating the Automated Trajectory Design Interface.

Covering all UX workflow

User Research
User Interviews conducted on site and at the user location (around the globe).

After user interviews, many personas were created to cover all user types. (Drilling Engineer, Well Planner, Manager, Clients etc...)
Data were collected such as: daily work, past experience, software usages, profile...

Information Architecture
Because of confidentiality, only main workflow is displayed.

Design Sprint
Design Sprint is a method introduced by Google to quickly solves UX challenges. I conducted around 2 design sprints per year to solve complex workflows, it involves different stakeholders and different experts (around 6-7 pers) for 5 days.

UI Highlight
A collection of the most challenging Interfaces.

Icons and Tools
I created more than 75 domain specific icons

I created the DrillPlan guideline which contains more than 60 pages. All components/elements are sorted in categories. Markups are also indicated to help developers implement correctly the design.