Every 2 years, Schlumberger organizes the SIS FORUM. It is Schlumberger's biggest software event to promote and sell its software. In 2012, SIS FORUM took place in Monaco.

With the completion of the re-branding of all Schlumberger's softwares, it was the chance to present them to the public. Five videos were produced, one for each of the main company's software, with the purpose of presenting in 1-2 minutes, with only images, what each software does.

My job in this project was to art direct the agency MILL London, which is well known as one of the best agencies in the world for high quality CGI videos.

Storyboards were created and together with look & feel images, provided the agency Schlumberger's vision for the videos. The editing and supervision of the shooting on stage were also my responsibility.

Once again, all the hard work proved to be worth it as all feedback were great, from Schlumberger's president to future clients. Moreover, the videos got viral in the petroleum industry.